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tea set branded sandwiches in their packaging ready for delivery
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About Our Sandwiches

Wherever possible we use local suppliers for our produce - Cacklebean eggs, Halls Quality Bakers, Trev Beadle Butchers - therefore reducing our carbon footprint as well as supporting other small businesses.

We can also deliver sausage rolls & handmade scotch eggs.


Sandwich Options

We offer a selection of 19 fillings for a range of granary & white farmhouse sandwiches, demi-baguettes & 5" baps. We also offer a 'sandwich of the month', a slightly more 'exotic' filling, for you to test out!

Our Packaging

Our packaging is sourced from a company specialising in environmentally friendly products.


Our labelling is all 'Natasha's Law' compliant. We have a five star EHO rating from the county council.

tea set products in their packaging
sandwiches being prepped on the line

Handmade Daily

All our sandwiches are handmade daily and then delivered fresh only a few hours later. 

Become a Wholesaler

  • Five Star EHO rated packaging. 

  • Handmade Sandwiches.

  • High-quality local ingredients.

  • Flexible options. 

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